Month: August 2014

Seiko Introduces New Lupin Iii Commemorative Solar Limited Watch

Japanese watchmaker SEIKO announced on 5/23 the launch of the ‘Lubang III Limited Limited Watch Model’. Following the launch of the EPD watch commemorating the 40th anniversary of the release of the film of Lupin III in 2011, which was widely welcomed by the market and responded enthusiastically, a limited-edition cooperation watch was launched again this year, making Lupin III’s second strong debut! With this cooperation, ‘Grand Theft Auto Lupin III’ regained the fifth grader’s memories of childhood with a classic attitude of the times, and matched with SEIKO’s popular solar environmental chronograph stopwatch movement through lively A humorous way presented on the personalized watch of the young generation.
     ‘Lupin III Limited Cooperative Watches’ draws characters from the anime world into the stylish dial and back silhouette, revealing design ingenuity in every detail, such as LUPIN III watches ( SBPY039J) yellow hands, from Lupin’s classic tie color, JIGEN Jihara Daisuke model (SBPY041J) uses the cool black to symbolize the calmness of police detectives, GOEMON Ishikawa Goshoumon model (SBPY043J) dial metal The sense of line shows its character’s sharp blades and swordsmanship, and the bright red face of FUJIKO’s Fuji Fuji Watch (SBPY045J) represents Feng Fuji and her attractive bright red lips. The font of the digital time scale shows her more. Sexy body curves. Through the “Lupin III Limited Limited Watch Model”, the personalized design that enriches the fun of life, allows adults who always have childlikeness to try to find the representative who belongs to their own character and hidden in the watch, to satisfy the children in their hearts king.
The dial of LUPIN III is a vault disk lock. The red ribbon at 12 to 3 points out the tension of the thief when Lupin steals.
JIGEN Jiwara Daisuke watch model The cold black shows the calmness of detectives

    The Lupin III Limited Solar Watch is equipped with environmentally friendly solar cells, which can store electricity through the light when worn, eliminating the need to replace the battery. The thoughtful design of environmentally friendly solar energy can accumulate up to six months when fully charged Of electrical energy. In addition, the entire series is made of stainless steel and tempered glass, which is waterproof to 10 atmospheres daily and has magnetic resistance.

GOEMON Ishikawa Goemon’s dial lines emphasize its sharp blade
The gorgeous design of FUJIKO’s watches is like the lipstick and sexy curves of the character