Month: May 2014

New Panerai Radiomir 45mm 3-day Power Reserve Automatic Watch

Panerai’s new Radiomir Black Seal 3 Days Automatic 45 mm 3-day power reserve automatic watch is equipped with Panerai P.9000 self-winding mechanical movement, completely owned by Panerai Watch Factory Developed to provide a three-day power reserve, and for the first time equipped with a Radiomir case. The Radiomir case is made of polished stainless steel with a diameter of 45 mm. The black ‘sandwich’ structure dial, with bar-shaped hour markers and large Arabic numerals on the azimuth point, is completely faithful to the traditional aesthetic design of Panerai; 9 o’clock A small seconds dial is set at the clock position, and a date display is set at the 3 o’clock position. Through the sapphire crystal glass of the case back, you can clearly appreciate the movement of the P.9000 movement and the automatic disk; the automatic disk that can work in both directions automatically winds the two barrels when worn.
     The P.9000 movement of the Radiomir Black Seal 3 Days Automatic 45mm 3 Days Automatic watch is 13? Centimeters in diameter, 7.9mm thick, and the balance wheel vibrates 28,800 times per hour. In addition to the time and date display, the P.9000 also has an hour quick-adjustment device: a twelve-tooth star wheel and a small spring clutch, which can be adjusted one at a time without disturbing the minute hand movement and watch operation. Adjust the hour by the hour. The date display is also connected to the same device, and the date will automatically adjust when the hand passes midnight.
     The Radiomir Black Seal 3 Days Automatic 45mm 3 Days Automatic Automatic Watch (PAM00388) is equipped with a black alligator leather strap and a detachable linear lug (Panelai patent), making it easier and easier to change the strap.
     Radiomir Black Seal 3 Days Automatic 45mm 3 Days Automatic Power Reserve Watch, 316L Polished Stainless Steel Case, 45mm Diameter, Model PAM00388, Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds, Date, Panerai P.9000 Automatic Winder The core has a 3-day power reserve, a transparent sapphire crystal and a rear case cover. It is water-resistant to 100 meters, with an alligator leather strap engraved with the PANERAI logo, and a large polished steel buckle. .
    Panerai P.9000 automatic mechanical movement, completely developed by Panerai. 13? Minutes, 7.9 mm thick, 28 stones, Glucydur balance wheel, 28,800 vibrations per hour. Incabloc anti-shock device, 3-day power reserve, 2 barrels, 197 parts.

Vacheron Constantin Métiers D ‘art Master Series Watch

Métiers d ‘Art Master Collection’ La Symbolique des Laques ‘watch design inspiration inspired by respect for tradition and creativity. Since 1755, Vacheron Constantin has been committed to skills, art and The protection and continuity of handicrafts, so this series of watches will become a new chapter in history. This is not just a belief; it is also a call for superb and immortal skills in the field of technology and decoration. For centuries, they have been passed down from generation to generation, and have been exploring deeper skills for their noble ideas and support for continuous creation. This is a direct reflection of Vacheron Constantin’s two core values.

Carp (Koi) and Waterfall Watch
鲤 Carp has long been a symbol of perseverance in people’s hearts, and carp is also known for its courage and determination. Especially in Chinese and Japanese legends, a large number of poems and stories are used to praise its ability to swim up the river and continue to the waterfall, although the current is often very strong. Even though Japanese carps usually live on calm waters, they tend to be extremely active, jumping vigorously out of the water. Carp is also a symbol of success and auspiciousness. The Japanese Children’s Day on May 5th is actually a traditional Japanese boy’s day. If there is a boy at home, the carp flag will be hoisted at the door of the house to show auspiciousness.