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Domineering Exposed Four Watches For Women

In fact, compared with those exaggerated decorations, watches can better meet the needs of strong women, is the endorsement of their domineering personality. In addition to the decoration of the watch, there is more a sense of fruitiness, domineering and maturity. The watch home below recommends several watches for strong women. I hope that domineering women can like it.
Patek Philippe 7119 Series 7119J-010 Gold White Dial Watch

  No matter for men or women, Patek Philippe is the ultimate dream of watch fans, no PP always feels that there is a lack of soul on the road to watch. For owning PP, it is not just a kind of wearing but a collection and cherishment. Patek Philippe’s Calatrava 7119J-012 watch is the first to catch the eye-catching bright gold, the 18k yellow gold case with the Paris pin pattern bezel, the luxurious and elegant beauty is revealed, which is difficult for ordinary women to resist The beauty of seduction. The diameter is 31 mm. The round white dial with black Roman numerals and sapphire crystal glass. At 6 o’clock on the dial, a small second dial display is designed to make the dial more beautiful.
   As the ‘heart’ of the watch, the movement is the core. The 7119J-012 watch uses the Cal.215 PS movement made by Patek Philippe. The movement at the foot of the dial is polished by hand with a very fine mother-of-pearl pattern. Hidden under the dial, Patek Philippe still carries out very detailed manual processing, which represents its relentless pursuit of ‘quality craftsmanship’ and ‘craftsmanship aesthetics’, showing the brand value in a unique style of low-key restraint and timeless elegance. The bottom of the movement is exquisitely decorated with traditional Geneva patterns, and the light and dark are interlaced, just like the sparkling Lake Geneva, quiet and elegant. 28800vph (4 Hz) balance wheel frequency, to ensure accurate travel time, and avoid the loss of components due to excessive frequency, is the most ideal frequency. The hand-wound movement has a power reserve of 44 hours, which means that the wearer will wind the watch almost every other day to prevent its power from running out and stopping.
Basic Information
Number: 7119J-010 gold white plate
Brand: Patek Philippe
Series: Classic Watch
Movement type: manual machinery
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 172,900
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Roger Dubuis Velvet RDDBVE0007

   Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis is the only watch factory engraved with the Geneva Seal on all watches. It is a rare example and extreme glory in the watchmaking industry. The Geneva Seal not only provides excellent protection for the movement, but also the entire watch in Geneva Manufacturing, as well as strict guarantees of superb craftsmanship, excellent performance, extraordinary quality and durability. However, the first time I met Roger Dubuis was not because of its unique imprint, but because of the simple style of dials. The large Roman numerals and exaggerated dials strengthened the overall unique visual effect. The Velvet white gold diamond watch series is an iconic watch, craftsmanship, novelty and chic. This Velvet series RDDBVE0007 watch is made of 18k white gold to create a 36mm case. The bezel is set with artificially selected and polished diamonds, exuding a gorgeous luster. Dial scales use exaggerated Roman numerals, integrating retro elements into modern style.
   The connection between the lugs and the straps is also different. This design is to make the watch closer to the wrist. The diamonds on the case and the lugs complement each other. The black satin strap perfectly reflects the chic and glamour of the peer With noble temperament. The watch combines bold design, precious mechanical craftsmanship, exquisite jewelry and elegant temperament. The RD821 movement powers the watch, has a power reserve of 48 hours, and is water-resistant to 30 meters. The meticulous design of this watch shows the world’s profound craftsmanship and attention to detail to the world, and reinterprets the typical design of traditional watchmaking in a new contemporary form.
Basic Information
Number: RDDBVE0007
Brand: Roger Dubuis
Series: Velvet
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Hong Kong dollar: HK $ 324,000
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  What does the queen need to wear? The eternal big crown, pure gold decoration, Rolex’s domineering, the three are combined into one, showing the feminine spirit of women, how many ladies will win? Jennifer Aniston has also worn this watch and has attracted everyone’s attention. This watch is made of 18k yellow gold, and the noble metal material makes this watch’s distinctive temperament. The surface display window is further equipped with a small window convex lens, which magnifies the calendar display by 2.5 times and is easy to read. The watch uses ancient Roman numerals, is positioned at six o’clock and is decorated with pink gemstones. The selection criteria for these gemstones are extremely demanding, and each of them has been closely inspected by the Rolex Gem Identification Department to meet the brand’s strict quality and reliability Claim. When worn on the wrist, the watch can show a gorgeous gloss.
   As a representative of noble quality and comfortable wearing timepieces, the unique weekly calendar watch is not only made of selected precious materials, but also comes with a carefully designed headband. In addition, this strap can also be found in some precious metal diary models. Each headband is equipped with a hidden crown buckle, and the large crown logo is also displayed in the center of the crown and dial, demonstrating the king’s temperament. The watch is equipped with a 2235 self-winding movement, which has been certified by the official Swiss timepiece. This movement is entirely developed by Rolex. This movement has the same structure as all oyster movements and has unparalleled reliability. Every detail is carefully crafted by the brand. Since the beginning of the production, it has consistently pursued perfection. It is Rolex’s consistent insistence.
Basic Information
Item: 178278 VI Diamond
Brand: Rolex
Series: Women’s Journal
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 214,700
For more watch details, please click: Bulgari’s design style is bold and unique, noble classic, whether it is fashion, perfume, or watch, adhere to its own unique style. BVLGARI Bulgari is inspired by the power of light to create the new LVCEA women’s watch series. The LVCEA series is a tribute to the sundial. It brings a new look to history and perfectly combines outstanding performance with creative design. The round case, light base, a series of light and shadow and style blending make LVCEA in the feminine beauty, showing a unique personality charm. LVCEA’s shiny round case contains the flow of time. The diameter of 33 mm is very suitable for women’s size. The black dial with sun prints and simple digital scales have a calendar display window at three o’clock.
   From the outside, the LVCEA watch’s bracelet is inspired by Bulgari’s classic Serpenti series, and the scales on the winding bracelet are replaced with polished metal that showcases the architectural geometric aesthetics. Each bracelet is seamlessly linked together. In Bvlgari’s classic style, the powerful lines of the bracelet perfectly balance the gorgeousness of the round case. These opposing elements are perfectly combined through lines and circles, explaining the intricate and complex connotation of contemporary women-full of power, elegance, sensuality and energy. Powerfully, this watch is equipped with a B77 mechanical automatic movement, has a 42-hour power reserve, and is waterproof to 50 meters.
Basic Information
Number: 33mm rose gold
Brand: Bulgari
Series: Lvcea
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
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Summary: There are many types of female watch designs. Different designers and watchmakers always grasp the beauty of different women from the details, from the curve of the shape, the decoration of the dial, the embellishment of the diamond, the shape of the strap, the distribution of functions, The size of the watch … all the details of the watch can explain a different beauty, which is the charm of art and design. Each of the above four watches has different salient points, or a magnificent dial, or a noble design, or a domineering shape, or a pin.

Why Are There More ‘oyster’ In The Name Of The Rolex Watch Series?

‘Oyster’ is the meaning of the oyster case, and it is also a crown sealing technology to prevent moisture from entering the case. It uses springs and solenoids to prevent water vapor from the crown for the first time. Into the case.

 In 1926, the exploded view of the oyster watch case produced, it can be clearly seen that the case is composed of four parts.

 ‘Oyster’ means oyster case. The origin of the Oyster case starts from October 30, 1925. At the time of La Chaux-de-Fond, German artisans Paul Penegaux and Georges Peret invented a patent for a crown (patent code: 114948). The moisture seal enters the crown sealing technology of the case, using springs and solenoids to substantially prevent water vapor from entering the case from the crown for the first time.
Later, Mr. Hans, the founder of Rolex, persuaded them to transfer the patents and re-apply the patents originally applied for in Switzerland in the UK, using Hans’s name, patent number 260554. The name ‘Oyster’ came about because Hans came by accident when he opened an oyster lid at a dinner. On July 29, 1926, he registered the name in Switzerland and two months later he registered it in London. On February 28, 1927, Hans randomly registered four different language names for the Oyster, namely Huitre (French), Auster (German), Ostica (Italian), and Ostra (Spanish).

 The oyster case is composed of four parts. The outer frame is octagonal. Inside is a cylindrical screw barrel. The upper ring and the back cover are connected to this screw barrel by rotating and locking. , And then screwed to the octagonal outer frame. There are two soft metal sealing rings in the upper frame and the back cover to increase the tightness. The crown is locked by another small screw cylinder connected to the case. And the connection, the two lugs are welded metal wires, used to attach metal straps.