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Ran Jingtian, Wu Yanzu And Other Male Stars Lead Men’s Watches

Have you prepared a gift for your boyfriend on the annual Chinese Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day? Glamour stars such as Ruan Jingtian, Wu Yanzu, Liu Xiang, Yu Wenle and other leading men’s watches will show you different styles of men’s watches. Choose the one that suits your boyfriend best. Time, minutes, seconds, let your love endure, for a long time, work together to create a happy tomorrow. Sunshine Boy-Ruan Jingtian
我 In my mind, Ruan Jingtian has always been a sunny boy. His bright smile makes people impressed, just like the big brother next door. The watch that suits him is the casual Cartier blue balloon series W6900556, with a simple and generous design, just like Xiaotian’s unrestrained personality. This watch is young and fashionable, and it is very suitable for Ruan Jingtian’s men’s watch.

Charming mature man-Wu Yanzu
In the minds of many people, Wu Yanzu is their ‘dream lover’, mature him, has infinite male charm, calm work, think about it, if your boyfriend is also mature type, you may not choose this watch Patek Philippe GONDOLO series 5098R rose gold, a unique watch masterpiece, will definitely exude his mature and charming luster.

Fashionable Men-Yu Wenle
I don’t know if you have watched ‘Zhi Ming and Chun Jiao’ starring Yu Wenle. The ‘Zhang Zhiming’ in it makes people impressed. Yu Wenle’s dressing style is even more unique and highly respected. He is also a trendy man in Hong Kong and is the object of many trendy people eager to imitate. The watch that suits him is the Gucci G-Timeless series sports watch, which is very fashionable.

Jacques Aston Martin’s First World Time Zone Chronograph Watch Appreciation

The worst conditions in the Jurassic Mountains in Switzerland are probably the Ru Valley. Even under such harsh conditions, there is still a predator in the watchmaking industry flourishing in the Ru Valley. Arise, it is Jaeger-LeCoultre. Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking has always maintained itself as the defender of traditional watchmaking technology. With outstanding quality, innovative concepts and delicate workmanship, it has become a leader in the watch industry.
 Jaeger-LeCoultre has also been cooperating with the automotive industry. In 2010, at the fifth anniversary of the cooperation between Jaeger-LeCoultre and top racing brand Aston Martin, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the Amvox5 World Chronograph, a world-renowned timepiece The Amvox series is inspired by the brand’s Memovox diving watch, featuring a historic racing 270-degree chronograph design, and this world time zone watch is the first wrist in the Amvox5 series to integrate chronograph and world time functions. The watch also uses this design. At the same time, in the interweaving of the two brands’ different cultures, the watch models show extraordinary charm, which is indeed a masterpiece of watchmaking.
 The cooperation between Jaeger-LeCoultre and racing brand Aston Martin is facilitated by the historical origins between the two industry giants and the infinite pursuit of value and perfect craftsmanship. Therefore, on this Jaeger-LeCoultre Amvox5 series 193J471 watch, you can see very obvious racing elements. Passion, technology, craftsmanship, and avant-garde are my first feelings for this watch.

The case of this watch is made of high-tech ceramics and titanium. These two materials are widely used in the racing field. They are light and stable. High-tech ceramics are mixed with zirconium and yttrium oxide in 2000. It is calcined under high temperature and high pressure conditions, and then carefully polished into the shape of the case with special tools covered with diamond crystals, which shows that it requires a very high level of technology. The watch’s frame and lugs are made of high-tech ceramics, while the bezel, hands, scales, crown, buttons, and case back are made of titanium. The overall quality is lighter than that of rose gold.
In addition to the materials, the design style of the watch is more worthy of appreciation. The first is a 270-degree time scale layout with a racing dashboard style. This layout instantly integrates itself into the racing cab. The small dial layout at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, combined with the hollow design in the middle of the dial, shows the beauty of the mechanical process and the reasonable layout. Of course, among these two small dials, the most distinctive feature is the white pointer in the middle. Not to mention that it can easily read the time. More importantly, it also has a strong dashboard style, and The design of the dashboard focuses on the instrument panel, highlighting the passion of the car for speed.
In addition, the underlining of the dial uses the grid pattern of the Aston Martin racing radiator grille, which is full of movement, and the case back is sealed. This is somewhat regrettable. I could n’t appreciate the beauty of the movement. On the case back, It is engraved with V12 Vantage, which is also a highlight of the connection between the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand and Aston Martin. It also clearly reflects the inspiration of this watch. Yes, this is the classic V12 Vantage model of Aston Martin. .
 Function is the external manifestation of the watch movement, and it is also a visual recognition of the complexity of the watch. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Amvox5 193J471 world time zone chronograph watch has a number of functions and has become a classic work in the altar. It can enter the eyes of ‘Iron Man’ actor Robert Downey Jr., of course, it is not likely to be a vase, except for its surface design. , The function is equally exciting.
The first is the world time function, which is essential for people who often need to travel around the world. Due to the differences in time around the world, the clear concept of time zones was defined at the International Warp Conference as early as the 19th century. The world is divided into 24 time zones with the prime meridian as the central meridian. The world time rule is not difficult to understand, but for a watch, it needs a gear train with sufficient accuracy to achieve it. At the same time, the hour hand needs to be advanced synchronously while changing the time zone. Having the world time function is equivalent to holding the world time in your hand.
The second is the chronograph function. The chronograph function is completed by the central large chronograph second hand, 30-minute chronograph dial and 12-hour chronograph dial. The operations are performed by the buttons on both sides of the crown. The chronograph function is used to meet the needs of improving the accuracy of the watch. Above the watch should be the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, when the urgent need to improve the accuracy of the travel time, and the chronograph function represented a model of the accuracy of the watch at that time. Timing is a very practical function for sports, especially for racing cars. They often need to be accurate to milliseconds and always use it. Therefore, the high precision of the timing has become a test of mechanical timing, and with modern watchmaking With the improvement of the level, the accuracy of parts can be reached to the timing standard.
Once again, the power reserve display is located at 6 o’clock on the dial. Its position is not very obvious, and it is difficult to find without careful observation. The power reserve display function can provide the current barrel power reserve status in real time. For a chronograph watch, it is necessary to grasp the power situation at any time. The adjustment of the timekeeping and world time usually consumes more power. When the amount of arm swing is not large enough, the automatic winding cannot meet the power requirements of the watch that is often played, so the power reserve display function becomes very necessary.
Finally, there is the calendar function. This calendar function is also just an ordinary calendar function. It cannot recognize large and small months, so it needs to be adjusted every two months. In addition, it does not have fast jump, instant jump and other structures, so it is at midnight. It also fails to change the date quickly.
Overall, its functions are quite rich, and it is also the first time that Jaeger-LeCoultre put the world time and chronograph module in a watch at the same time. Jaeger-LeCoultre replaces London with Gaydon, the birthplace of Aston Martin on the world time zone scale, which also shows their sincere cooperation.
 The smooth presentation of external functions and easy operation are inseparable from a high-precision movement. The movement is the heart of the watch and it determines the quality of the watch.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Amvox5 series 193J471 watch uses the Cal.752 movement produced by Jaeger-LeCoultre. This movement is a self-winding mechanical movement with a vibration frequency of 4hz, which is the current mainstream frequency. This movement has two mainsprings and a power reserve of 65 hours. For the self-winding movement, it has two difficulties. One is how to store the two-way swing energy generated by the automatic oscillating weight in the barrel, and the other is how to resolve the barrel when the energy is full. The next transformed energy. Of course, these two problems have been solved at present. Advanced automatic movements generally have two-way winding components, while ordinary ones may use single-uplink components. The two-way is obviously more efficient and more difficult. As for the energy conversion problem in the barrel, when the barrel is full of energy, the spring inside the barrel will drive the internal frame to rotate, thereby eliminating the constant input of energy.
The Jaeger-LeCoultre movement has a very fine polishing and uses Kif shock absorbers to withstand strong external shocks. At the same time, the column wheel is used to control the timing function. The column wheel makes the timing movement smoother and can be easily pressed when the button is pressed. The ordinary movement may use a cam device instead. The column wheel is generally used for advanced movements, especially the column wheel with more ‘lobes’.
In addition, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s movements have passed 1000 hours of internal testing, including multi-directional content, which is much higher than the official test range prescribed by the government. And this detection system is proprietary to Jaeger-LeCoultre and is a control of the quality of the movement and even the quality of the entire watch.
Along with the popular release of ‘Iron Man 3’ some time ago, Robert Downey Jr., who played a humorous hero, was once again alive, and he was wearing the Jaeger-LeCoultre Amvox5 at the film premiere held in South Korea. Series 193J471 watch. This fifth product from Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin is a commemorative model for the 5th anniversary of the two collaborations. It is limited to 300 pieces, in addition to rose gold, which is limited to 200 pieces. This entire series of Jaeger-LeCoultre is the essence of the two collaborations, the exchange of craftsmanship, ideas and culture. This 193J471 watch is derived from the 270-degree scale layout of the racing car, the small dial-style hands of the dashboard, the checkered front grille of the classic V12 Vantage model and the outstanding 752 movement. This watch can be said to be a classic product after the cross-border cooperation between the watch industry and the automotive industry. It is the first outstanding work of Jaeger-LeCoultre to combine world time and chronograph, and it conveys brilliant works of passion, technology and craftsmanship.
 Watch details: lecoultre / 3787 /

Iwc Pilot Series New Tour Tour Unveiled In Beijing Feeling The Charm Of Precision Machinery

September 5, 2019, Beijing-IWC pilot series of national tour exhibition opened a new chapter in the Beijing International Trade Mall today, shining the silver spitfire model of the fuselage internal structure It also made its debut, and the endless charm of fine watchmaking and precision machinery roared here. The new products of the 2019 pilot series are also unveiled in the entire series, originating from classic legends, creating a dream of flying things.

Exhibition hall panorama
   Longest flight
   In 1936, the first Spitfire Spitfire took off and took off, marking the glorious journey of this legendary British fighter. In the same year, IWC pilot watches were also introduced for the first time. In August this year, with the full support of IWC as an official timepiece and major partners, the restored ‘Silver Wing Spitfire’ officially set sail in Goodwood, England, and launched a 43,000 km global adventure. trip. Just as it interprets its own ups and downs legendary history, the journey of ‘Silver Wing Spitfire-Longest Flight’ will become a ‘lively carrier of time’, arousing people’s thinking about time and the highest respect for mechanical classics.

Hall details
   Spitfire debuts internal structure
   In the exhibition hall, a model of the ‘Silver Wing Spitfire’ stood up, the core mechanical components of the fuselage were clearly visible, and the extraordinary charm and passionate flying dream of the precision model were displayed. In order to allow guests to fully explore the new timepieces, IWC designed the exhibition hall as an open space, with a futuristic silver luster and Spitfire-themed olive green. It is immersive in the cockpit, mechanical The texture is coming.

Hall details
   A chic watch showcase is set up on the side of the exhibition hall. The exquisite timepiece display overlaps with the light. The tough appearance reflects the classic immortal edge under the light. Guests can taste the innovative watchmaking charm of IWC here.

Hall details
   Hardcore mechanical aesthetics
   IWC has released a new Spitfire series of pilot watches this year. To pay tribute to the outstanding engineering design skills of the designers of this legendary British fighter, all Spitfire series watches are equipped with IWC’s homemade movements, which are inspired by the instrumental style of the Mark 11 watch. Simple style. Derived from classics, outstanding strength.
   Spitfire series watches come in two different designs. The stainless steel case, black dial, and green fabric strap are inspired by the color of the cockpit of the Spitfire Spitfire. The other bronze case, olive green dial and brown calfskin strap are also unique. Over time, the bronze surface will gradually produce a special coating-patina, which makes each watch unique.

   In addition to the new pilots’ favorite products this year, IWC also brought six classic watch families and 150th anniversary models to the road show, continued to write mechanical legends, pay tribute to watchmaking technology, and invite you to experience the two precision machinery engines. roar.
IWC Pilot Series New Tour in Beijing
When: September 5-September 15, 2019
Venue: Atrium at the basement of the first floor of Beijing International Trade Center South · IWC Exhibition Area
The Dream Takes Flight.
Create the dream of Feifan

Pan Bo, The General Manager Of The Brand, Talk About The 30 Years Of Fiyta’s Success

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Fiyta brand. There is no doubt that Fiyta is also the best watch brand in China. Mutual success factors. At the Baselworld Watch House in 2017, he interviewed Mr. Pan Bo, the general manager of Fiyta. He was very sincere and approachable and shared with us the most important main products in 2017, as well as the brand’s future expectations and plans The Swiss watch can highlight the siege. Let’s see where Fiyta’s successful experience is.

Mr. Pan Bo, general manager of Fiyta brand
Watch House: When we just came in, we saw the new changes in the Fiyta showroom. Could you tell us about it?
Pan Bo: This year is the 30th anniversary of Fiyta, so we have made some changes for this. The overall layout of the exhibition hall appears to be more open. Around the walls are embedded trophies from various media and institutions that have supported and helped each other for many years. Each of them is individually produced by Fiyta. Show as light effects. As a small milestone, we hope to use some ways to commemorate, and we hope Fiyta will continue to work hard, and it will get better and better in the future.

Art Series Limited Year of the Rooster Limited Edition ‘Golden Rooster’ Watch

Art Series Micro-Carved Collection Watch ‘Ruyi Double Carp’ Watch

Watch House: What are the highlights of Fiyta’s new products this year?
Pan Bo: It can be seen from two directions. One is a professional line. There are two re-launched products of precious craftsmanship-the special series of the Year of the Rooster limited edition ‘Golden Rooster’ and the series of finely engraved collector’s watches ‘Ruyi Double Carp’. It has embroidery and miniature carving crafts, and it means auspiciousness. In fact, since last year we cooperated with national treasure embroidery master Zhao Hongyu, the year of the monkey embroidery watch, the market acceptance is very high, so this year continue to cooperate with master Zhao Hongyu, this is a limited edition of five. The ‘Ruyi Double Carp’ is inspired by China’s roundness and gossip, and embodies the golden mean ‘harmony’ to create a vivid picture of the golden carp passing through the stream. Three different versions will be launched, each limited to one Pieces.
   The other is the fashion line. This year we launched the 30-year limited edition of the Clover Series, and for the first time used green malachite to make the clover on the dial. There have been purple, white, and red before, so we thought about the four-leaf The grass is green. Why not try it? The reason for using malachite is that it has the meaning of amulet in Europe, so whether it is bought by his wife or his wife, it is a good choice. In addition, we also launched a new Young + series, an unlimited DIY strap design, showing young people to be their own attitude.

Fiyta’s new Young + series, unlimited DIY strap design, you can choose from a variety of steel belts, belts, scarves and belts, showing young people to be their own attitude

Watch House: Fiyta’s spokesperson has always been very popular, what other cooperation plans with Gu Tianle and Gao Yuanyuan? What are the criteria for brands when selecting spokespersons?
Pan Bo: We are also very happy to have worked with Gu Tsai and Yuanyuan for so many years. It has been loved by many people and received a lot of positive reviews. At present, we will continue to cooperate. When it comes to spokesperson standards, there are several aspects. First of all, the matching of values ​​is definitely the most important. Whether the values ​​they want to convey to fans are consistent with Fiyta, this is what we value most. Our attitude is positive, so Guzi and Yuanyuan are also like this in life. You can see that until now, they have kept a constant filming rate and have been active on the screen. The second is the market appeal. Fiyta is a watch brand with a broad consumer base. Of course, it is also necessary to see if the people who cooperate with the brand are strong enough. The last is the consistency of style. Although we are fashionable, we are also orthodox, so we will not choose an image that is too avant-garde and rebellious.
Home of Watches: Fiyta is one of the earliest brands that cooperated with e-commerce in the watch circle. Now more and more high-end watch brands and jewelry brands have begun to have more interaction with e-commerce. What do you think of this phenomenon?
Pan Bo: From the initial sales to the current integration of sales and marketing-marketing can be sold at the same time, and the tone of the brand is brought out at the same time. This is the biggest change. Therefore, e-commerce, as a very fast-changing industry, now also needs branding. At this stage today, Swiss watch has also entered this field one after another, and the era of e-commerce branding has really arrived. E-commerce requires innovation and continuous learning of new operating methods. Watches are actually a relatively traditional and conservative industry. The collision of these two contradictions is very interesting in the future, and it will be worthy of each brand to study and explore.
Watch House: What are your expectations and predictions for the watch industry in the next two to three years? What plans does Fiyta have?
Pan Bo: This is a relatively large proposition, but we might as well judge it boldly. I personally think there will be several aspects, one is that the potential of high-end watches is great. Although high-end consumption is currently restrained to some extent, in the future, a new wave of consumer groups that are very different from the past may be ushered in. They are people who really buy because they like it, and before, people may be more to prove Identities, or have other reasons to buy watches, but the younger generation has grown up with a good education and a certain economic foundation, so they will be a relatively personal and rational behavior in the future.
The other is the opportunity for fashion brands, which I also call ‘buy on the go’ behavior. This behavior will happen online and offline, the price will not be too expensive, but there is quality assurance, the frequency of behavior will not be low. I think this is also an important development direction in the next two or three years.
Finally, the importance of the female consumer market. In fact, it can be seen from Fiyta’s product line that we have a rich female watch product line from the classic heartstring, clover, flower language launched in 2016, and this year’s Young + series, from high-end to entry models, that is, Hope every woman has her own choice. The female consumer market must be a position that all brands cannot ignore.
Fiyta will continue to strengthen the brand elements in 2017, and there will be major changes and improvements in terms of consistency, brand visual effects, consumer marketing integration, and digitalization.