Month: July 2013

Guilun Magnesium And Casio Sheen Autumn And Winter New Product Launch Conference

In the early winter of 2012, Guilun Magnesium turned into an elegant elf and appeared in a new perspective restaurant on the 7th floor of No. 3 Shanghai Bund. Bringing Casio SHEEN’s Fall / Winter 2012 new style to the media and consumers on the scene, let your confidence and elegance bloom in your wrist!
     ‘Let women bloom with intellectual beauty and dazzling glory’ SHEEN has always upheld the brand concepts of Elegant, Smart and Shining. In the two years that Guilun Magnesium endorsed, the cooperation between SHEEN and Guilun Magnesium became more tacit. Regardless of whether it is an advertising film shooting or a press conference attendance, Gui Lunmei’s hands and feet fully show the graceful shine of SHEEN and calmness of knowledge. Today, Gui Lunmei came to Shanghai and brought us the “Guilon Magnesium Limited Signature Signature Watch SHE-3024GL-5A”, which she personally participated in designing, telling the beautiful scenery outlined by SHEEN in her life.
     The entire conference scene was full of SHEEN’s representative fantasy lavender purple. Every detail exudes quiet romantic elegance. The shining Shining Room became one of the focus of the audience. The whole area is gorgeously decorated and well-organized, pleasing to the eye. Lily’s elegant and gentle atmosphere, accompanied by beautiful music and lights, make people immersed in the elegant and feminine world of SHEEN, and feel the confident light and shining temperament brought by SHEEN to every woman who has her. .

Presentation of Guilun Magnesium–SHE-3024GL-5A
     The irregularly designed moments of classical Roman numerals and shining Swarovski crystals are presented on the large black dial in a bold expression, showing the series’ unique and brilliant design. Perfect interpretation of urban women’s personality and capable, elegant and fashionable, classic and innovative grace. The gorgeous and elegant rose gold bezel combined with the dark brown leather strap revealing the retro style highlights the high-level texture and sets off a strong intellectual femininity. The limited edition ‘Guilun Magnesium Signature Back Engraving’ makes this watch uniquely precious. The small dial shows the date and hour, making reading time full of fun. The fan-shaped “week” design is chic and full of fun. It is like a folding fan in the hands of European ladies, telling the gentle and elegant and beautiful dignity of women.
     SHE-3024GL-5A main parameters: rose gold bezel; Swarovski crystal scale; leather strap; small dial hour, date, week display; 50 meters waterproof. The SHE-3024 series will be available in all major counters throughout Casio in December 2012.