Month: June 2013

Remote Knowing Isn’t Snow. For The Subtle Fragrance Comes To Taste The Breguet Classic Series Ladies Watch

In winter, the most anticipated scene is snow-capped snow. At this time, wearing a white watch that suits the scene may be a small taste in life. Today, the Watch House will taste a lady’s watch from the Breguet classic series, how a ‘snowflake’ from distant Switzerland interprets the winter landscape, and create for us ‘remote knowledge is not snow, but for darkness Xianglai ‘poetic picture. (Model: 9088BR / 52/964 / DD0D)

  The Breguet classic series moon phase women’s watch has a rose gold case with a bezel set with diamonds, and a moon phase display at 6 o’clock. The time scale uses Roman numerals, creating a retro and elegant temperament for the whole. The Breguet watch design with Breguet characteristics is deeply rooted in people’s hearts with its classic cultural heritage and time-tested design.

 Women’s watches are not an easy task if they want to express the elegance of diamonds and precious metals, and this is indeed the best thing for Breguet. Perhaps because of its strong watchmaking history, the diamond inlay process combined with the rose gold case and the leather strap echoing the white dial, each component combination becomes this elegant Breguet moon phase watch, inadvertently elegant temperament This revealed.

The blue-steel watch hands are inspired by Breguet’s classic needlepoint hollow-out hands designed in 1783. On this basis, a more modern and simple design style has been added. The round design of the hollowed-out needle point is not only different from other pointers, it is more eye-catching visually, and it also improves the user’s reading experience to a certain extent.

The sides of the watch are decorated with coin patterns, and diamonds show different light under different light rays. The crown on the side is also engraved with the classic logo of Breguet ‘B’, showing details in luxury.

 The straight lug design uniquely extends the diamond engraving process to the lug design. The moon phase under the dial is also a highlight of the entire watch.

 Take a close look at the brilliant light refracted by the diamond and the glittering texture of the rose gold case.

 The thickness of the case is 9.8 mm, and the entire watch diameter is 30 mm. Overall, for most women’s wrist weeks, this size is just right, there is a sense of presence, but not too loud.

The buckle adopts the pin buckle design, and the diamond inlay technology is also used on the buckle. The rose gold buckle is matched with diamonds, and the small details still highlight the rigorousness of Breguet’s watchmaking.

 The white leather strap echoes the white dial to form a white landscape in winter. The choice of leather material is not only more skin-friendly, but also more comfortable and durable in wearing experience.

Summary: The winter has not passed, and the flowers and plants have not yet awakened. The plum trees at the corners looked like white snow and silver, and the wind sent a faint scent, but where was the fragrance of Bai Xue? In Wang Anshi’s ‘Plum Blossom’, the description of plum blossoms with some appreciative glances, I did not know the implicit meaning in the hours, only wondering how plum blossoms and snow can be so the same, but I do not know the source of subtle fragrance in this severe environment Hard-won. At this time, if there is a watch that can be played and watched in the white snow in the winter, it is a great blessing in life.