Month: December 2012

Reviewing Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pirelli–automatic Skeleton Automatic Skeleton Watch

The Excalibur King Series is the embodiment of the most exploratory spirit in Roger Dubuis’ brand genes, and it also symbolizes the brand’s determination to maintain a leading position in the watchmaking industry. The Excalibur King series is also the perfect carrier of the ‘Astral Skeleton skeleton hollow’ creation principle known for its star-shaped skeleton movement. Nowadays, it is more often matched with the representative Spider skeleton concept, which extends the skeleton technique beyond the movement and displays it. On the main external elements of the watch. And this year, the new cooperation between Roger Dubuis and Pirelli Tires demonstrates the two sides’ perfect matching on multiple levels and the common interest of creating an invaluable experience.

   When the best in two different professional fields cooperate together and share each other’s rich knowledge, comprehensive skills, advanced research and innovation driving force, the result will be reflected in the highly anticipated outstanding creation of a series of exclusive Excalibur Spider Pirelli automatic Openwork watch with chain. The new Excalibur Spider Pirelli watch not only offers black with blue, red or yellow options on the hollow edge, but also the corresponding color appears on the titanium rubber black DLC-coated rubber and the stitching of the strap Online, to enhance the effectiveness of colors, exuding vivid vitality, each color is limited to 88 pieces. Watch House also got the red watch among them for the first time, model: RDDBEX0617.

   The 45mm large case with a black DLC-coated titanium alloy, a grooved bezel, and a hollowed-out three-arm lug are very recognizable elements that make people instantly recognize the brand series of this watch. The straps of the watches are all made from Pirelli tire skins that have won in the ‘Run to Monaco’ Super Rally, and the inner surface is decorated with unique tread patterns.

   The watch uses a hollow dial, the red rubber-coated rim is printed with a white transfer minute ring and Roger Dubuis (Roger Dubuis) lettering, and the titanium alloy screws covered with SLN luminous coating are separated by 5 points. With black hollow hour and minute hands and black DLC coating with SLN luminous coating, the reading is simple and clear. The whole looks as if overlooking a scattered alien city at high altitude.

   Time can be read clearly in dark environments.

   Large crown, easy to operate and convenient for time adjustment.

   Due to the overall hollow design, the side of the case is like a sandwich biscuit, the innermost layer of the side of the case is coated with red rubber, and the outer layer is a black DLC-coated titanium alloy frame.

   A rubber strap made from Pirelli’s victorious tire. The strap is decorated with a unique tread pattern, red pressure lines, and a black DLC-coated titanium pin buckle.

   The outer two forks in the three-chuck lugs, in line with the hollowed out idea of ​​the entire watch, also adopt a hollowed-out design, as if the bracket of the building building generally supports the entire case to the strap.

   The skeleton movement with Roger Dubuis RD820SQ skeleton miniature rotor, carbon gray rhodium-plated, round granular splint, fully refined in accordance with the Geneva mark standard. Roger Dubuy once again confirmed his skillful control of technology and aesthetics, including the subtle craftsmanship shown in gears and various finishing treatments, and the inherent limitations of automatic winding devices and miniature rotors to produce sufficient Under the condition of power, the hollow spirit is still fully implemented.

   For this watch, we also performed a six-direction accuracy test under full strings with professional instruments. At the same time, in order to give you a reference to watch friends, we have selected a man with the finest wrist in the editorial department to wear this watch for shooting. You can see the effect on the wrist.

    The wrist circumference is 18cm, and there is no weight in wearing this watch.

Summary: As a limited edition watch with a strong combination of wristwatches, the impactful appearance and the most advanced movement technology and polishing are impeccable from the outside to the inside. This watch has been listed and sold. Official price: 532,000 RMB.