Month: November 2012

Traditional But Romantic Romance Somia Series Pair Watch

The most surprising and intimate Valentine’s Day gift, of course, there are elegant couples that exude an enticing glorious light like roses, and have endless honey-like taste like chocolate. Sentimental, holding hands, and ten-finger clasped hands, wearing the latest masterpiece of Longines on the wrist, the Soymia series stainless steel rose gold pair watch, the token of love, shines in pairs, and confession every time The tenderness of every moment, the accurate recording of love every minute and minute. Longines romantically presents Soymia series pairings for Valentine’s Day 2012. This brand-new brand named after its birthplace and birthplace traces the source of elegance of the brand, condenses a long tradition of watchmaking, is perfect and pure, and expresses true love. , Gifts to love, worthy of cherish.
Men’s watch: L688 automatic movement / 18K rose gold and stainless steel material / diameter 39mm / hour, minute, small seconds indicator / date display / timing function / waterproof 30 meters
Women’s watch model: L595 automatic movement / 18K rose gold and steel material / diameter 26mm / hour, minute, small seconds indication / date display / waterproof 30 meters

Girard Perregaux Launches New Three-golden Bridge Tourbillon Women’s Watch

The elaborately carved diamond is the best interpretation of the beauty of women. According to the watch house, Girard Perregaux, the famous Swiss watch brand, has recently launched a brand new women’s watch with three golden bridges.

 The case is made of noble and elegant 18K rose gold, and the bezel is delicately and inlaid with a ring of fine diamonds. The lugs are also made of rose gold. The soft curvature makes it fit the wrist better. . The crown is inlaid with sapphire crystal, which can be said to focus on the details.

 It is understood that the watch alone has more than 1.80 carats of diamonds on the bezel. And the outer ring of the dial is also set with a smaller diameter dense diamond setting. Of course, the most eye-catching watch of the entire watch is still Girard-Perregaux’s iconic three-gold bridge tourbillon. The perfect hand-crafting makes it possess the style that other Tuo flywheels have.

 The diameter of the entire watch is 38 mm. The dial is made of delicate and delicate mother-of-pearl. The natural pearl luster and glittering gold are printed with interest. The careful brand uses two completely different strap colors, which are calm and restrained. The blue color, but also the passionate red, can be said to be particularly exquisite in the details.

 The watch is equipped with Girard Perregaux GP09600 movement. The three-gold bridge tourbillon consists of 80 components and is installed in a frame with a diameter of 10 mm.

A New Model Of Fashion Sports Appreciation Of Mido Helmsman Chronograph

In 2016 Mido launched the new helmsman series Seeker Multifunction Chronograph. This model is designed with the courage to pioneer and innovate. From the appearance style to the functional settings, it is extremely pioneering and comprehensive Present the distinctive personality characteristics of elites from all walks of life in contemporary society. This unique color scheme is also a new attempt for Mido. It can be said to inject sports style into a multifunctional chronograph.

    The Helmsman series watch was born in 1934, two years after the completion of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Its design inspiration is also derived from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Mido strives to perfectly combine the beauty of the watch with the practicality of the function. The source of inspiration is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is the first in the field of sports watches. Until 2014, the Swiss Mido helmsman series has been in existence for 80 years. After the test of time and history, it has become a representative watch series of Swiss Mido and one of the oldest production series in the Swiss watchmaking industry. .

    Whether it’s trekking to Patagonia, a hunting expedition in Tanzania, or a rally in the Sahara Desert Center, Mido Seeker’s multifunctional chronograph is bound to become the first choice for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Its surface diameter is 44 millimeters. The body is composed of a stainless steel PVD black-gray case and dial that is resistant to various collisions. The dial is decorated with longitudinal Geneva ripples inspired by the suspension cable of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

    The snail counter at 9 o’clock is used to indicate the seconds, and the date window is at 6 o’clock. The calendar can be quickly adjusted by the calendar adjuster located at the side of the case at 10 o’clock.

    The elegant texture and distinctive appearance of Mido Seeker’s multifunctional chronograph will also be favored by precision watchmaking enthusiasts. The combination of brown and black colors dares to be creative in the field of watchmaking. Brown perforated leather The strap is integrated with the case.

Summary: The helmsman series Seeker Multifunction Chronograph is water-resistant to 100 meters and protected by a double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror. The back of the case uses a transparent case, allowing the wearer to appreciate the fully automatic mechanical movement with blue steel screws and beautiful decoration, as well as the meticulously carved Geneva wave and MIDO logo automatic rotor.

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