Month: April 2012

Hublot Hublot Perfectly Integrates Magic Gold- News Hublot

Three years ago, Hublot HUBLOT launched the prestigious Magic Gold, bringing to the world the only patented gold material that can still be protected. Magic Gold was developed by HUBLOT’s Swiss headquarters and the premier Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). The two brands spent several months carefully casting alloys in the production workshop and were controlled by Swiss precious metals. The Centre (Central Office for Precious Metals Control) identified it as 18K gold.

Magic Gold, a patented gold material developed by HUBLOT’s Swiss headquarters and the leading Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

HUBLOT’s own developed Magic Gold is the strongest metal in the world and can only be cast with diamonds. Its hardness is close to 1000 Vickers, which is different from gold or alloys, and has the characteristics of anti-bracketing. It is worth mentioning that well-designed ‘standard’ 18K gold has a hardness of about 400 Vickers, while most reinforced steels are about 600 Vickers. This unique alloy material, Magic Gold, unveiled the mystery before the media around the world. HUBLOT’s watchmaking workshop in Nyon also has a high-tech foundry, which deals exclusively with the production of Magic Gold and the final processing steps, as well as ceramic sintering and high-pressure metal casting processes.
Magic Gold is a revolutionary material that combines 24K gold (the most pure natural precious metal) with the most advanced high-tech materials. The process of making this new alloy material is very complicated: first, the low temperature static pressing of boron carbide powder into a mold very close to the finished shape, such as the bezel of a Big Bang Unico Magic Gold watch. Pre-formed powders harden at very high temperatures, forming a rigid, porous structure. Next, 24K gold containing 3% molten liquid gold was injected into the mold under high pressure. The entire process needs to be performed under inert gas pressure and sufficient high temperature and pressure to ensure that the molten metal can fill each air hole of the ceramic mold. In the end, the two are perfectly ‘fused’ into a new alloy material Magic Gold. This remarkable achievement is the result of three years of collaboration and research and development: the brand has succeeded in making a brand new metal-a precious metal that retains its original characteristics and does not change. The first limited-edition Big Bang Ferrari watch made with Magic Gold was launched at the 2012 Barcel Jewellery & Watch Show, a perfect interpretation of the characteristics that both brands have in common: uniqueness, newness and technology.

The watch adopts the brand’s own developed 18K Magic Gold, the world’s only embossed flower, combined with the classic BIG BANG design and its own developed and produced UNICO movement, which perfectly reflects the brand’s fusion art

This year HUBLOT decided to go to the next city and made a bezel with Magic Gold to create a new Big Bang Unico Magic Gold watch. The bezel is one of the most resistant components of the entire watch. Coupled with its unique and iconic colors and technical specifications, it definitely dumps many watch lovers.

Portugal Sidérale Scafusia Private Custom Watch

‘There is no shortcut between earth and stars’-Seneca. Humans have always been curious about the mysterious universe. From the earliest records of human beings, some people look up at the sky and try to understand the world we live in through the vast starry sky. Although the light brought by modern technology is that the stars in the night sky become dim, it has not reduced people’s fascination with the stars in the night sky. However, the stars are too far away from us to reach him. Our sage Seneca also said that the road from the earth to the stars is not easy (in fact almost impossible). That being the case, why not bring a star to you with a masterpiece?

Well, Swiss watch brand IWC ca n’t really take the stars off for you, but it can create a beautiful starry sky for you, wear it on your wrist, and accompany you around.

The IWC Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch can customize an exclusive astronomical map for you on the case back. The specific place you choose also becomes the basis for the production of star charts and astronomical displays. This means that no matter where you go, you Always have a starry sky exclusive to you.

If you look closely, you will find that this is more than just a beautiful picture. The star disk in the case back can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise (depending on whether the selected location is in the northern or southern hemisphere). Shows the dynamics of the stars and the real night sky scenes currently visible on the selected coordinates. Coordinates can be labeled as longitude and latitude, GPS data, city or place names. It also contains a perpetual calendar. It may be a bit confusing at first glance, but everything is organized and you just need to know how to read the information.

First look at the perpetual calendar. The perpetual calendar of this watch shows the current date as the actual number of days in the year. (Example: January 1 is the first day, and December 31 is the 365th or 366th leap year.) A red arrow with dots shows the sun on a 24-hour outer circle with a star symbol The yellow arrow shows the stars on the inner circle. Two red triangle hands on the outside indicate the current sunrise and sunset times of the selected location. In addition, during the day, dusk and night, the color of this starry sky will gradually darken.

With such a beautiful (and useful) celestial map, you may find it difficult to take your eyes off the bottom of this watch. IWC has never gone abroad in the history of the brand for more than 140 years. It is a watch that combines astronomy and so many complicated functions. IWC also provides special services to allow customers to create exclusive watches through countless combinations. Each case material, five different dial colors, various applique scales and strap colors, and strap material can be matched with more than 200 different designs to choose from, creating a unique watch.

The most striking thing on the dial is the large tourbillon, which occupies the main position at 9 o’clock, which is very impressive. Although equipped with a tourbillon is nothing new to the watch, the tourbillon of this watch is particularly worthy of mention because it combines a constant power unit, which ensures at least 48 hours of accuracy and average rate. In constant power mode, the small second hand moves once every second. After that, the power shifts to normal mode, speeding up to a beat every fifth second. The tourbillon’s frame and upper part are made of titanium, and the rhodium-plated escapement wheel and nickel-silver pendulum are made by hand, and the entire movement is spectacular.

In addition to the tourbillon, the dial’s 12 o’clock position is also equipped with an accurate star time display, and the power reserve display is mounted between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock. The movement can provide a 96-hour power reserve, of course, there are basic Minute display. In terms of aesthetics, the most attractive thing about this watch is that IWC gives you a chance to create a unique watch of your own. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)