Month: December 2011

Kunlun Launches The New Jinqiao Series Watch Jinqiaolong

The dragon is a creature that symbolizes life and power in the legend. Its image carries the myths of many civilizations. This majestic image is often portrayed as the guardian of the mythical treasure. In this brand new Kunlun Golden Bridge Dragon watch, the precious hand-carved golden dragon’s claws do guard one treasure: the Co113 manual winding mechanical movement.

This Co113 movement is designed along the vertical central axis, the crown is set at 6 o’clock, the movement frequency is 28800 times / hour, and it is installed on the rose gold bridge printed with the Kunlun ‘CORUM’ mark.

This watch demonstrates the strong technical level of the Kunlun brand. This golden dragon first formed the initial contour in the mold, and then the craftsman spent more than two weeks carving it completely by hand. This golden dragon surrounds the movement without actually touching the movement. A total of 4 sapphire crystals were used on the front, back and sides of the 18K rose gold case, creating a glamorous transparency.

Rose gold

Black titanium steel

Rose gold and diamonds

White gold and diamonds

This Golden Bridge Dragon will be available in four versions: rose gold diamond, white gold diamond, rose gold and black titanium steel. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Xuzhou Gao Fu Handsome Hand Slipped 60,000 Vacheron Constantin Watches Off The Water Well

Yesterday afternoon, when Mr. Zheng and his girlfriend came out of Starbucks near the east gate of Golden Eagle, they accidentally slipped a Vacheron Constantin watch worth 160,000 yuan into the tap valve well.

The reporter came to the scene yesterday afternoon. Mr. Zheng and his girlfriend were standing next to a round manhole in front of the Starbucks gate. In addition to the word ‘water supply’ on the manhole cover, there were two small holes 3 cm long and 1 cm wide. .

‘My watch fell into the well.’ Mr. Zheng told police and security.

Mr. Zheng said anxiously that he bought this Vacheron Constantin watch for 160,000 yuan a few years ago. When he and his girlfriend came out of Starbucks just now, because a part on the watch was broken, the girlfriend suggested taking it off and putting it on In the pocket. Mr. Zheng picked up his watch as he walked. As a result, the watch slipped from his hand, and after falling on the manhole cover, he happened to slide in through the small hole.

Not long after the police called the Capital Water Customer Service Hotline, Wei Qiang, a staff of the Capital Water Company’s convenience service team, came to the scene and pried the manhole cover with a crowbar.

This is a 1.5-meter deep tap water valve well. There is no water at the bottom of the well. In addition to the tap water valve, there are some debris, and the watch falls on the debris pile. Master Wei supported the wellhead with both hands, slowly descended to the bottom of the well, took the watch from the bottom of the well, and handed it to Mr. Zheng.

Mr. Zheng was very happy to receive the watch. He paid 400 yuan to express his gratitude, but was rejected by Master Wei. Before leaving, Mr. Zheng said that after he returned from a business trip in Wuxi, he must come to the door to give Master Wei a pennant to express his gratitude.

Iwc Announces Luc Rochereau As Brand Director For The Middle East And India

Swiss luxury watchmaker Schaffhausen has recently announced that Luc Rochereau has become the brand director for the Middle East and India. Before taking over this position, he was responsible for IWC and Roger Dubuis in Russia and Brand business in the Commonwealth of Independent States.
   Speaking of his new role, Luc Rochereau said: ‘I have been working for Richemont for the past four years and I am honored to take over my new role and contribute to the future development and success of IWC. This is a new chapter. This is full of expectations. I have some exciting project plans in mind for the development of the brand in the next few years. ‘
   Looking at Luc Rochereau’s career history, it is not difficult to understand why he was selected to be responsible for such an important and rich market. The new brand director has 20 years of experience in the international luxury goods industry. In 2011, he joined Richemont Group as the brand director of IWC Russia. The opening of a new flagship store during Luc Rochereau’s tenure was seen as helping the brand complete its repositioning in the Russian market.