Month: October 2011

Introduction To Patek Philippe’s 2011 5153g

In 2009, Patek Philippe launched the Calatrava Ref. 5153 gold model with a silver-white dial, an official case, and a hinged caseback. Today, it reproduces the rivers and lakes, with a new white gold case and a striking black dial with a beautifully hand-carved pattern in the center. The new Calatrava Ref.5153G features an officer-style case with a hinged caseback, a white gold case with a black dial, and a center hand-carved Newsaw pattern. ? yV?} A8 ^? Y

 The main parameters:
 Self-winding mechanical movement
 Caliber 324 S C
 Window date display
 Center large second hand
 Black dial, hand-engraved, gold applied hour markers
 Strap: square crocodile leather, hand-stitched, matte black, grey stitching
 Folding clasp
 Sapphire crystal caseback with hinged dust cap
 Water resistance 30 meters
 Platinum style
 Case diameter: 38 mm

Most Suitable For Cartier Santos

Big fashion and boutique brands invite celebrities in various fields to act as spokespersons or brand ambassadors for mutual benefit. It is not new, but for Cartier, in the past, relying on star halo to help their products It has gained momentum, but the ‘custom’ of the brand not to find an endorser seems to have changed in 2018, because Cartier officially announced in April 2018 that he invited the Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal Jack. Gyllenhaal is appointed as the global image ambassador (Of course, there are divergent opinions on the role of brand friends, spokespersons or ambassadors, etc. For the time being, the official statement of the brand will prevail. What else does the spokesperson have?). Usually the image ambassador will have specific product endorsement content, and Cartier invites Jack. Gyllenhaal’s interpretation of their watches, then which of Cartier’s many men’s watch series will stand out and be delivered to the image ambassador? In fact, it is not difficult to guess that it is the legendary classic series launched by the brand after the remodeling in 2018-Santos de Cartier.

Cartier, who rarely invited celebrity endorsements in the past, rarely established a cooperative relationship with Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal in 2018, and he was appointed as the ambassador of Santos de Cartier watch image

Santos de Cartier’s significance to Cartier watches is self-evident. In addition to being the brand’s first watch series, it is also a pioneer in leading men’s flying watches. Since its debut in 1904, Santos de Cartier still stands still, saying it It is definitely not an exaggeration for Cartier watches. This series of new works has been exposed at the S.I.H.H. watch exhibition in 2018, and just in early April, Cartier held a large-scale listing conference at Pier 48 in San Francisco, including Jack. Many stars and celebrities, including Gyllenhaal, have come to the scene to support it. It is enough for the powerful broadcast of various media or social platforms. I believe many people can feel that Cartier watchmaking in 2018 belongs to Santos de Cartier. One year.

At the Santos de Cartier watch launch conference held at Pier 48 in San Francisco in April 2018, Cartier’s image ambassador Jake Gyllenhaal also made a special trip to support him. He was wearing the Santos watch

Jack. It was no accident that Gyllenhaal became the image ambassador of the Santos de Cartier series. It is precisely because of the birth of this watch in the early 20th century that the legendary figure Alberto Santos-Dumont was not constrained by the real environment at the time. Dare to dream, Dare to challenge, so today’s flight journey may become a matter of course in life. Inspired by this spirit, Cartier will naturally apply similar criteria when searching for an image ambassador. Jack. Gyllenhaal has a wealth of performing arts qualifications and a lot of works. In recent years, he has also successfully moved away from the idol bag and moved on a more comprehensive line, from ‘After Tomorrow’, ‘Broken Mountain’, ‘Night Moving Animal’ to the most recent During the production of ‘You Are My Courage’ and other protagonists, you can find that he has an unlimited and wide-ranging play, and plays many roles that are difficult to associate with him. He constantly seeks to break through himself in acting. These qualities caught Cartier’s attention, which led to the cooperation between the two parties in 2018.

Cartier’s 2018 focus on the Santos de Cartier series. Recently, a leading director, Seb Edwards, was shot and Jake Gyllenhaal starred as the protagonist.

People who have follow Cartier’s various official social platforms should have seen Jack. The new Santos de Cartier promotional video by Gyllenhaal for the brand, Jack. Gyllenhaal’s handsomeness in wearing Santos watches need not say that everyone is watching; the video shot by international star Seb Edwards conveys Alberto Santos-Dumont’s enthusiasm for exploring new and strange things through the interlaced method , And Jack. In the film, Gyllenhaal seems to be in a fantasy abstract world. The main thing he wants to express is a fearless and free spirit. What makes people feel amazing is that the foundation of Santos de Cartier watch styling was clearly laid a hundred years ago, but today it seems that instead of making people feel old-fashioned, it looks style in the market of round watches. Unique, this kind of good-looking and recognizable work may just be Jack. Gyllenhaal’s expectations for his acting career-not only by appearances, but by a solid stream of acting skills, can be active in front of the audience for a long time. In terms of Cartier’s selection of ambassadors, Jack. Gyllenhaal is currently the most suitable person to wear Santos. Shouldn’t there be too many people against it?

Santos de Cartier large models-Jack. Gyllenhaal

Stainless steel material / 1847MC self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 100 meters / table diameter 39.8×39.8mm / reference price: about 45,000 RMB