Month: January 2010

Bvlgari Blessings Winter Blessings 2014 Christmas New Year Zhenxuan

Christmas and New Year are coming soon. In this festive season full of expectations and surprises, a carefully selected special gift will surely bring endless touches to sweet lovers and close family members; of course, you will It is worth choosing a long-cherished item as a lucky gift for yourself, turning past efforts into tangible energy and guarding the faith and courage to fight for the future. BVLGARI’s many classics not only have a distinctive style, but also have a good meaning. They are excellent choices with blessings and prayers.

  【give her】
  New DIVA series

  Bulgari takes the history of ancient Rome as its profound heritage, and finds design inspiration for the DIVA series in the long years of sedimentation. By integrating classic aesthetics into modern design, it reinterprets the extraordinary mosaic technology of ancient Roman architecture and interprets it in a fan-shaped design Women’s dazzling style and sexy charm. Diamonds, onyx, mother-of-pearl, the elegant and dynamic design and unforgettable temperament of the DIVA series of jewelry, swaying an admirable serenade in women’s ears, neck, wrists, and fingers, as if Affection from lovers murmurs-you, the most beautiful DIVA (goddess) in my heart.

  LVCEA Series Watch

  Inspired by the power of light, the LVCEA series derives its name from the combination of Italian ‘luce’ (‘light’) and Latin ‘lux’ (luxury). Light represents rebirth, reinvention, and the movement of the planet as The LVCEA watch incarnates the glorious glory of the sun and the moon. The round case, which contains the passing of time, symbolizes unity, which means the continuity of the past and the present. The gem crown is also set with a brilliant diamond, symbolizing women from the inside The charming charm of the outside world also shows the essence of Bulgari jewelry.

 【give him】
  OCTO chronograph

  The Bulgari OCTO chronograph is a perfect masterpiece that combines creative Italian style with professional Swiss watchmaking technology. The fusion of the two essences makes the OCTO watch achieve the perfect balance between elegance and rigor. The case with 110 facets is neither round nor square. Instead, the two geometric elements are perfectly blended to create the most recognizable design, to create a large object in a round place, and to display an unparalleled geometric aesthetic At the same time, it contains deep cultural connotation-the geometric combination of square and circle symbolizes balance, harmony, strength and eternity. With this pure and powerful appearance, OCTO watch shows the unique charm, personality and extreme elegance of men.

  [Couple’s Choice]
  B.Zero1 series

  The B.Zero1 series interprets Bvlgari’s bold style and distinctive style with a capable and concise design language. The two iconic elements of the Tubogas and BVLGARI logos are used in innovative design, and it is amazing that classics and fashion can be so perfect The earth melts into one. The unique spiral of B.Zero1 represents the fusion of the past, the present and the future. The 0 and 1 in its name symbolize the cycle and eternity, and mean the new beginning.

  Bvlgari watch

  The classic BVLGARIBVLGARI watch demonstrates Bulgari’s love of perfect geometry and harmonious proportions, and at the same time contains the precious cultural heritage of the brand’s ancient Greek-Roman culture. The CATENE series watch was born from the fusion of the ancient and classic bracelet design and the BVLGARIBVLGARI watch. It fits softly on the woman’s wrist, like a delicate bracelet. It is precious, outstanding and interesting. The simplicity reveals the real Elegant, charming like a lady wearing it. The same ‘BVLGARIBVLGARI’ logo on the bezels of the two watches highlights the close relationship between them, like a secret word between lovers, containing endless sweet magic.